Inclement weather is on the way. Do you know what you should do when you are expecting weather conditions that might knock out your Internet?

Even though severe weather is coming, patients still need to be seen, especially if they are in pain. You also know that your internet could go down. At this moment, you want to do everything you can do to prepare for any issues that you may have.

You know patients are going to be arriving; here’s what you need to do and know in advance to prepare:

  • Print the schedule
  • Print routing slips
  • Print patient forms 
  • Learn how to acquire images in offline mode

Printing the Schedule

You can print your schedule the day or week ahead of when you know inclement weather may affect your area.

Read Printing the schedule to learn how to print your calendar.

Printing Route Slips

You can print route slips for patients with appointments in all operatories or a specified operatory for the day of the appointment and the next business day.

Read Printing Routing Slips to learn how to print patient routing slips.

Printing Patient Forms

You can print patient forms in advance to have some on-hand just in case there is an internet outage. You can even customize these forms as needed for your practice. The forms include:

  • Medical History
  • Dental Insurance
  • Dental History
  • Demographics
  • COVID-19 Patient Screening
  • Notice: X-ray and Insurance Coverage

Read Printing Patient Forms for In-Office Use to learn how to download, customize, and print patient forms.

Acquiring Images in Offline Mode

Did you know that you can still acquire images even when you lose your internet?

Watch Acquiring Images in Offline Mode to learn how to take x-rays even when there is an internet outage.