A commonly asked question is: “How do you avoid charging for each x-ray acquired during an endo procedure?”

In Dentrix Ascend, it’s important to make sure you are acquiring the periapical image in Endo mode to avoid charging a patient for each x-ray taken during an endo procedure.

Read this tip to learn how to acquire a periapical image in endo mode.

How to:

  1. From the Standard or Favorite tab, click Intraoral Periapical Image.
  2. Select the tooth from the tooth chart.
  3. Select Enable auto-repeat under the tooth chart.
  1. Click Proceed with Acquisition.

Endo Mode is listed as the procedure under Acquisition Parameters. In Endo Mode, you can acquire multiple x-rays throughout the endo procedure without charging the patient for each x-ray taken.

The number of x-rays taken displays as you acquire x-rays during the endo procedure.

  1. Click Finish Acquisition when you are finished acquiring images at the end of the endo procedure.

When you check the Ledger, you’ll see that the patient was charged for one periapical image, even though five images were acquired (in this example) during the endo procedure.

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