PPO write-offs can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. But before you consider dropping a payer or negotiating with a PPO, you need the numbers on your side. Dentrix Ascend has a report that lists everything you need to know about each insurance carrier so that you can make good decisions for your practice. You may be surprised by the results.  

The Insurance Utilization report shows: 

  • the amount of production with each carrier. 
  • the amount you are actually collecting from each carrier. 
  • which carriers have the highest percentage of write offs.  

After you evaluate the data on the report, you may: 

  • consider negotiating higher fees with each carrier. 
  • consider dropping some carriers.  

How to generate the Insurance Utilization report: 

  1. Open the Home menu and select Power Reporting
  1. Select the Insurance category.  
  1. Click the Insurance Utilization icon.  

The report filters are set to: (in red box) 

  • Previous 12 months
  • All carriers  
  • All locations  

The report shows: (in blue boxes) 

  • Carrier names 
  • Net Production for each carrier  
  • Percent write-off amount (color-coded) for each carrier  
  • Collection amount for each carrier  

Note: The % Write-off and Average Write-off columns are conditionally formatted in a green-yellow-red color scale to help you quickly see with which carriers you are taking the highest write-offs.

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