Sometimes procedure fees in the fee schedule may be inaccurate. Your time is valuable. Why spend time scrolling through the fee schedule to locate a procedure when there is a shortcut?

How to:

  1. Open the Settings menu, and click Fee schedules.
  2. Select the fee schedule from the List of Fee Schedules.
  1. Press Control + F on your keyboard to open a browser search bar.
  1. Type the code or procedure name in the browser search bar. As you type, the letters and numbers you enter are automatically highlighted. If you have multiple matches, click the up or down arrows in the search bar to locate the code or procedure you need to update.
  1. Change the procedure fee, and click Save.

Additional Information

  • Note: Changing a fee schedule does not affect procedures already posted or submitted to insurance. However, if you change the fee in a given fee schedule while logged on to any location, not only is the change accessible across the organization, but the procedure code will be updated for the locations that have that fee schedule as their preferred fee schedule.
  • To learn more about updating the entire fee schedule, watch Updating Fee Schedules from File.
  • To learn more about updating fee schedules, read Updating fee schedules.