Dentrix Ascend allows you to manually request an update from the clearinghouse for a claim if the automatic update between Dentrix Ascend and the clearinghouse was interrupted. Learn how to refresh the claim with the most recent status that the clearinghouse has received from the carrier.

How to:

  1. Open the Claim Detail from either the Sent Claims page, Unresolved Claims page, or Outstanding Claims page.
  2. Select the Status/Notes tab.
  3. Click Refresh Status to request a claim update from the clearinghouse.

When you click Refresh Status, Dentrix Ascend immediately updates the status of the claim with the information that the clearinghouse has. If the status has changed, the new status appears next to the Status field. Also, under the Notes section, Dentrix Ascend adds a note that the claim status was refreshed.

Additional Information

  • The Refresh Status button is available only if a status update has not been received from the clearinghouse in the last two days. Once you click this button, it becomes unavailable. After two days, the button may become available again, and you can request another update. This should not, however, be necessary under normal circumstances.
  • To learn more about refreshing the status of a claim, read Changing claim details.