The ASAP list is a great location to add patients who have an appointment but would like to be contacted if an earlier date and/or time becomes available. This list comes in handy when you have an opening in your schedule, such as when a patient cancels their appointment. All you need to do is access the ASAP list, contact the patient, and move their appointment.

Adding a patient appointment to the ASAP list can easily be done when you are scheduling the patient’s appointment or if they call you after you have already scheduled their appointment.

  1. With the patient’s appointment open in the Calendar, select the check box next to ASAP, and then click Save.

When you add a patient’s appointment to the ASAP list, this ASAP icon appears on the appointment as an indicator that this patient would like to be contacted if an earlier date and/or time becomes available.

Accessing the ASAP List
Click Pinboard, and then select the ASAP tab to see a list of all patients who have asked to be contacted if an earlier appointment becomes available.

Additional Information
• An appointment that you move to the ASAP list remains scheduled in its original time slot until you move it from the Pinboard to a new time slot. This prevents another appointment from being scheduled in its place, while you check to see whether the patient can come in at the new time.
• The appointment cards appear on the ASAP list in the color assigned to the provider who the patient is scheduled to see.
ASAP patients will not show up if it is the day of their appointment.
• The Pinboard displays the 100 most recently pinned appointments in the order of their scheduled appointment.