If you’re using the time clock to track employee time in Dentrix Ascend, chances are good that you or one of the other staff members have forgotten to punch in or out once or twice (or more). It happens.

It’s okay! Don’t let missing punches stress you out. You don’t have to manually calculate that person’s time for the pay period. It’s easy to add the missing punch in Dentrix Ascend so that your time clock reports are accurate.

How to:

  1. Open the Time Clock Summary report (from the Home menu).
  1. Select the location and a date range within which to search for missed punches, and then click Search to generate a list of employees and their time clock punches.
  1. Click an expansion arrow (u) to see the entries for a user. Missed punches stand out because they are highlighted by an orange warning icon.
  1. To add a punch, click the plus (+) icon on the row with the missing punch. Enter the missed time in the Add Punch dialog box, and use the switcher to toggle between AM and PM. Select a different location if needed, and then click Add to save the new punch.

To edit or delete a punch, click the hyperlink text of the punch. To edit the punch, set the correct time in the Edit Punch dialog box, and then click Save. To delete the punch, click the delete icon (trash can).

Additional Information

  • To edit time clock history, you must have the Time Clock Summary right enabled for your user role.
  • After an adjustment, the Daily Subtotal and Total Hours are updated automatically.
  • Added or edited punches appear in bold typeface on the summary report.
  • The Audit Log tracks time clock punch changes.