Sometimes it is necessary to go back into a patient’s ledger to make a correction. In a small office, you might just go ahead and do it. In a large practice or a multi-site, however, it is good practice to communicate why the change is necessary. Entering a reason for a change in a patient’s ledger allows anyone at any time to understand why the change was needed.  By default, entering a reason for changing a ledger transaction is not required. But if your office policy requires supporting documentation for transaction changes, administrators can require users to always enter a reason for making a change to a patient’s ledger.

How to:

  1. Open the Ledger Options page (Settings menu> Ledger Options).

2. Select the Ledger Rules tab.

3. Toggle the Require reason(s) for transaction correction switcher to Yes, and then click Save.

With the requirement invoked, the Reason for Correction field is highlighted in red, and a warning triangle appears next to the tab name. Dental staff cannot delete, void, or save any changes to a transaction in a patient’s ledger without entering a reason. Also, the Save button will not be available until a reason is entered.

Additional Information

  • The state of the Require reasons(s) for transaction correction switch applies to the entire organization.
  • To learn more about ledger enhancements, watch the Dentrix Ascend Ledger Enhancements on-demand webinar in the Resource Center.