November 11, 2020

As time passes and economic conditions change, your practice may need to update fees to keep up with the increased cost of supplies, services, payroll, etc. Some consultants recommend reviewing your fee schedules annually to ensure you’re charging a competitive amount.

Fee schedule changes do not need to be made in an overnight rush. Dentrix Ascend allows you to update fee schedules well before the new fees take effect, giving you plenty of time for review, discussion, and adjustment.

How to:

1. Open the Fee Schedules page (Settings menu) and click the name of the fee schedule you want to edit.

2. Click Set End Date. In the Set End Date for This Version of the Fee Schedule dialog box that appears, use the date picker (calendar icon) to select the date when the current fees in this schedule will expire. Click Set & Save.

IMPORTANT: Note that the new version of the fee schedule takes effect the day after the end date.

3. Proceed to make your changes to the fee schedule. You have several options:

  • File import.
  • Increasing all fees by a fixed amount or by a percentage.
  • Editing any given procedure code.

4. When you are done editing, click Save.

IMPORTANT: The new fee for each procedure defaults to $0.00. When you create a new fee schedule version, you must be prepared to update everything! That’s why Dentrix Ascend includes Increase all by and Update Fees from File options.

Additional Information

  • Creating a future fee schedule will not change procedures already posted or submitted to insurance.
  • To learn more, see Updating fee schedules in the Resource Center.
  • To learn how to import fees using a spreadsheet, watch Updating Fee Schedules from File in the Resource Center.