September 23, 2020

Do you check a patient’s missed appointment history before scheduling their next visit? As part of their workflow, many practices will identify patients at a higher risk of canceling or skipping out on their appointment and schedule their appointment when a no show is less likely to impact production. If this is part of your daily workflow, this post will show you how to get to a patient’s missed appointment history in just a couple of clicks.

How to:

1. Search for the patient by typing the name in the search box. Click their name to open the patient’s Overview page.

Locate the Appointments widget on the Patient Overview page. It contains a summary of the patient’s missed appointments. In the example above, the patient has three broken appointments and two no shows.

For more details, click the widget, and then click the Missed Appointments tab.

Here you can see the following information about the patient’s missed appointments:

  • Date/Time – The date and time of the appointment that was missed.
  • Reason – The type of procedure that was scheduled for the patient.
  • Type – Whether the appointment was broken or a no show.
  • Reason for missing – Any comments made by the patient regarding why they broke the appointment.
  • Notice – A calculation of how far in advance of the appointment time that the patient broke the appointment; this is useful if your charge policy stipulates a timeframe. If the status was set after the appointment time passed—more common with no shows—the value is “none.”
  • New Appt – The date and time for which the appointment was rescheduled. If the appointment has not been rescheduled, the value is “Unscheduled.”
  • Status – The status of the rescheduled appointment. Commonly this is “Unconfirmed” until it is changed as part of your confirmation workflow.

Additional Information

  • The Appointments widget is great for seeing the history of a single patient, but for a broader view of many patients, read the Missed Appointments Report in the Resource Center.
  • The patient’s missed appointments list is only accurate when appointments are properly marked as Broken or No Show. If you’re not sure how to do that, watch Breaking, Canceling, or Deleting an Appointment in the Resource Center.