Your monthly Outstanding Claims Report includes a Service Date and a Created On date. Have you ever found yourself asking, “What’s the difference between the Service Date and the Created On date?“  Or, “Why do I need to know two dates?”

The Service Date is the date the procedure was completed. This is the date that determines whether a claim is outstanding, and where a balance falls in aged totals.

Created On is the date that the most valid or recent claim was created. This is important because it eliminates any confusion between the date the procedure was completed and the date you submitted or resubmitted the claim.

You will see the Service Date and Created On in the following reports:

  • Home > Unsent Claims
  • Home > Sent Claims
  • Home > Unresolved Claims
  • Home > Outstanding Claims
  • Patient > Insurance Claims
  • Home Overview > Unsent Claims Widget
  • Ledger > Patient Walkout > Send Claims

By default, claims on the reports (except the Outstanding Claims Report) are sorted by the service date, but you can sort the reports by either of those columns.