Have you ever received an insurance payment that did not match the estimate? The most common reason for this is that your insurance fee schedule is not up to date. After posting the payment in the patient’s Ledger, the next step is to identify the patient insurance fee schedule so that you can update the procedure to the correct amount.

How to:

1. Open the patient’s Insurance Information page (Patient > Insurance Information).

2. Click the insurance Plan/ Employer (Group #) to open the plan detail.

 3. Click the name of the insurance plan, which is a hyperlink, to open the Insurance Carriers page for that plan.

The Max allowable amount fee schedule identifies the fee schedule associated with this insurance plan.

Using this information, you can now be sure you are editing the right fee schedule. Note that updating a fee schedule updates ALL the plans and patients associated with that fee schedule.

Additional Information

  • To adjust a fee schedule, go to Settings > Fee schedules, and select the matching fee schedule.
  • To learn more about updating fee schedules, read Updating fee schedules.