March 11, 2020

New patients often come to your practice mid-year, having met part or all of their deductible or used part or all of their maximum benefits. You can enter their deductibles met and benefits used manually in Dentrix Ascend so that you can track insurance benefits correctly and improve insurance estimates.

This post assumes that the patient is already linked to an insurance carrier. If you need to learn how to do that, watch Attaching a Patient to Insurance in the Resource Center.

How to:

1. Select the patient, and follow Patient > Insurance Information to open the Insurance Information page.

2. Select the carrier, and then click Benefits to open the Deductibles and Benefits page.

3. As needed, enter or change any Met amounts for Deductibles and/or Used amounts for Benefits. Click Save when you are done.

WARNING: Updating any Required deductible or Maximum benefit amount updates the deductibles and benefits for all patients who have this insurance plan attached to their records.

Additional Information

  • Insurance benefits are updated automatically when the insurance claim is paid. A patient payment does not update the used amount.
  • The Deductibles and Benefits window has a Previous Year tab that lets you quickly look at or even edit last year’s numbers.
  • For more information, see Updating a patient’s deductibles and benefits.