January 15, 2020

Dentrix Ascend has a friendly interface when it comes to searching; start typing, and stuff just appears–patient names, procedures, lists, alerts—according to the page you are in. Because it is so easy, sometimes you might accidentally think you’ve found what you’re looking for before you quite got there and click on the wrong thing. Fortunately, Dentrix Ascend has a way to help you avoid accidentally selecting a procedure code you do not provide in your office.

How to:

1. Open the Location Information page from the Settings menu. (You must have the Manage Location Information right assigned to your user role.)

2. Click the Available Procedures button to open the Available Procedures window.

3. Search for the procedure code you wish to hide. Clear the checkmark for that code.

Unchecking a procedure code removes that code from searches in the Chart, Quick Exam, Ledger, and appointment panel.

Additional Information

  • You can hide procedure codes for individual insurance carriers. This may be useful for cases where a carrier does not cover the procedure. The process is the same, except that to get to the Available Procedures window you must locate the carrier in the Insurance Carriers page.
  • All procedure codes are always available (cannot be hidden) for charting existing work and conditions.