December 04, 2019

Dentrix Ascend’s built-in patient routing panel guides team members through patient visits, for example reminding them to schedule the next recare appointment before patients walk out the door. Having a visible workflow in Dentrix Ascend makes it easier for you to train employees on best practices when patients check out, and trained employees are easier to hold accountable. Reviewing the Workflow Compliance Report helps you monitor and improve the consistency of your patient checkout and recare scheduling process.

How to:

1. Open the Workflow Compliance Report. The menu path is Home > Workflow Compliance.

2. The Workflow Compliance Report is a standard report, meaning you need to specify the filter parameters and then click Search in order to see your report. To focus solely on scheduling recare, click to clear the other Appointment Tasks. Select your locations and date range. In the Users box, leave the default All users to review the entire team.

3. The top Summary portion of the report gives you your success rate at a glance. If you’ve limited the search to just Schedule Recare, that row and the Total numbers will always be identical.

From here, you have a couple of options. If you’ve set goals and want to check your progress over time, you should periodically run this report with the same filters and for the same interval, and then record your numbers separately in a spreadsheet so you can see the trend.

If you’re interested to know which team members failed to schedule recare, look to the detail section below the summary. Use the arrows to expand sections and see the names and the counts of failed tasks. Expand a team member name to see the individual patients not scheduled for recare.

Additional Information

  • IMPORTANT: To get these statistics, team members must use the routing panel to 1) schedule the next recare appointment and 2) set appointments complete.
  • The report uses the words “succeed” and “fail” intentionally, to avoid use of the word “completed” and prevent the confusion of task completion with appointment completion, which are two different things.
  • To learn more about using the routing panel for patient exit workflow, watch Using the Routing Panel for Patient Checkout.