November 20, 2019

When the days are busy, and you are staring at a full schedule, how can you tell at a glance which patients’ insurances have been verified? The Patient Insurance Eligibility icon on the patient’s appointment in the Calendar can show you!

How to:

In the Calendar, an insurance eligibility icon appears for eligible patients.

If a patient is not eligible, or has been marked as Unable to Verify, no icon appears. Be aware that the eligibility icon refers only to primary dental insurance; you can check eligibility for other levels of insurance in the patient’s Insurance Information page.

Another way to get an overview of the eligibility for all the patients coming in today is to visit the Insurance Eligibility page (Schedule > Insurance Eligibility).

For insurance carriers participating in automated electronic verification, the eligibility of those patients will have already been checked four days prior to today’s appointments and automatically appear on the Ineligible or Eligible tabs of the page.

If your assignment is to verify insurance eligibility, the Insurance Eligibility page is the right place to be for the following reasons:

  • You can manually run a verification check by clicking Auto verify. However, this only works for participating carriers.
  • If you need to verify manually, and if you entered the carrier’s phone and website information in the carrier record in Dentrix Ascend, you will see that information on this page AND you can click on the carrier name to open the carrier’s website.

Additional Information