August 21, 2019

Does this ever happen in your office? The part-time hygienist wants to know if her patients scheduled for this afternoon have confirmed their appointments. The doctor wants to know how many appointments his 1:00 has missed, and the business manager wants to make sure you’re capturing patient email addresses for an upcoming marketing campaign.

The Digital Routing Panel, available anywhere in Dentrix Ascend, can be a great tool to communicate this type of information throughout the office, eliminate questions and confusion, and ensure the entire team is on the same page. Here are some examples.

Are My Patients Confirmed?
Open the routing panel and select the Schedule Peek tab. Set the filter to Provider, and then select the provider name.

You will see that provider’s schedule for the entire day, and the appointment status is part of that view.

How Many Missed Appointments?
You can actually check this information several ways. But if you’re in the routing panel looking at the Arriving category—where all of the day’s appointments start—then missed appointment data are part of the appointment card.

The broken/missed information moves off the appointment card to make room for other information once you start moving the patient along the status path.

Email Address Captured?
The routing panel automatically prompts users to gather the patient’s email address when the appointment card is in the Here and Checkout statuses—where the front office should be interacting with the patient.

Because this is an intelligent automated prompt, it simply does not appear in the appointment card when Dentrix Ascend already has that patient information. No prompt means no problem!

Note: If your office is truly serious about capturing patient phone numbers and email addresses, you should invoke the Exit Workflow Compliance feature in Dentrix Ascend. Not sure what that’s about? Read Why Use the Exit Workflow? in the Resource Center.

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