June 26, 2019

Did you know that when you break a scheduled appointment, or mark it as a no show, it moves to the Broken/No Show list? The Broken/No Show list should be your “go-to” list when you have cancellations or otherwise have holes to fill in your schedule.

If you have not been regularly filling holes in your schedule from this list or cleaning up appointments on the list that will never be rescheduled, you may find it easier to work the list from a Power Report. It uses the same information but may be easier to see and to share, especially once you make it really simple.

How to:

1. Open the Missed Appointments power report (Home > Power Reporting > Schedule/Recare).

2. The report has a Location prompt to help you filter the report if you are a multi-site practice. The first location name alphabetically is selected by default. Click the drop-down to choose your location.

3. By default, the report is grouped by provider. Remove this grouping to simplify the report view. To start, click the Layout icon to display the fields used by this report.

4. Click the Provider group field and drag it down and to the right. A garbage can icon will appear in the lower right corner. Drop the field in the garbage can to remove it from the report.

5. The report refreshes automatically, so just wait for it. Next, to make this list easier to make calls from, add the patient phone number. To start, click Toggle Edit to open the available fields. Scroll down until you find the Phone field under the list of Patient fields. Drag this field into the layout area, and drop it next to the Patient field.

Additional Information

  • The default sort is by patient last name. If you’d rather sort it by the missed appointment date, hover over the Appt Date field, and click the drop-down when it appears. A menu opens that includes Sort.
  • The Appt Date menu also gives you the option to change how far back in time to look at missed appointments, which by default goes back to 12/01/2018 (as of this writing).
  • Click Save and follow the prompts to save this modified version of the Missed Appointments report. The next time you open the saved version, all your changes will already be in effect.
  • Appointments with the status of Broken or No Show appear up in this report. If you delete a broken or no show appointment it will not be included in this report.
  • For more information, read Missed Appointments Report.