June 19, 2019

Some medical information is too important to overlook. That’s why Dentrix Ascend allows you to display a pop-up alert when you select a patient that has certain health conditions of which providers and staff need to be aware. A message like this one appears and must be acknowledged before they can continue working:

How to:

1. Select the patient, and open their Overview page if you’re not already there.

2. Click Add in the Medical Alerts box to open the Medical Alerts tab and the Add Medical Alert dialog box.

3. Start typing the name or description of a condition or disease. A list of selections will appear. Continue typing as needed to narrow the results in the list, then click to select the desired alert.

4. Set the permanency and alert importance options.

  • If you anticipate that this medical alert will be permanent, select the Permanent condition check box. If you anticipate that this medical alert will no longer apply at some time in the future, leave it unchecked.
  • Select High importance to have a medical alert pop up when anyone selects this patient’s record. Select Low importance to not have a pop-up open.

5. When you are finished, click Add. Hereafter, not only will a pop-up appear, but a medical alert icon will also appear on this patient’s appointments and next to their name in the main patient search bar.

Additional Information

  • Once you’re started working on a patient with an alert, you have the option of selecting Do not show this alert on this computer before clicking Done; the alert will no longer be presented to you for this patient until the next time you log in.
  • For an alert that is specific or unique to this patient, type any custom text in the Add Medical Alert search box, and then select Create Patient Specific Alert.
  • For an alert that is not set as permanent, in the future you can set it as expired.
  • Regardless of its permanency setting, you can remove a medical alert from a patient’s record as needed in the future.
  • A full list of the patient’s medical alerts can be seen in the Overview page’s Medical Alerts box or in the Patient Information page’s Medical Alerts tab.