April 17, 2019

What a good administrator you are! You are always trying to keep the practice database neat and tidy. Today you are reviewing the recare setup, making sure there are no extraneous recare types to clutter up the choices when assigning recare to a new patient. Hmm. You don’t recognize one; it could probably be deleted.

But when you attempt to delete it, you see the Delete button is inactive; the information badge tells you why:

Oops! Now what? Well, the first thing to do is find out how many patients have been assigned that recare type, and who they are.

How to:

1. Open the Recare Management report (Home > Recare Management).

2. Select All locations, patients With Recare, and All appointment types.

3. Clear the Recare Type checklist and make sure only the recare type you want to delete is selected. Click Search.

4. Toggle the Only show active patients switcher to Off to be sure you are seeing all the patients to whom this recare type is applied. Click Print to prep the list for printing.

5. Click Print to print the list; or, if you want to keep it all electronic, you can highlight the text, copy it, and paste it into a program like Word or Excel.

6. Close out of the Recare Management report, and use your list to visit each of the patient records. Search for the patient, and go to his or her Recare page. Select the recare type, and click Delete to remove it.

7. When the recare type has been removed from all patients, go back to the Recare Setup page, where you will now be allowed to delete the recare type.

Additional Information

  • If for some reason you needed additional filters or information in your report, you can use the Recare Report in Power Reporting to generate your patient list.
  • For more information, read Removing a patient’s recare.