April 10, 2019

A user asks, “Can you share customized clinical note templates among locations so that everyone is using the same template?” The short answer is yes. You can add the clinical note templates used most commonly to your list of favorites. Your favorites are associated with your user account and are available for quick access from any location when you are entering and editing clinical notes in patients’ records.

How to:

1. Log in to the location with the required templates, and select any patient. Don’t worry—you won’t be adding any information to this patient’s record; this is just to get access to the Clinical Notes button menu.

2. Go to the patient’s Chart. Click the Clinical Notes dropdown, and select Add Clinical Note.

3. In the Add Clinical Note dialog box, locate the templates (standard and custom) under the Templates tab.

4. For each required template, click the gray star to turn it yellow and make it a favorite.

5. When you are done selecting templates, click Cancel to exit the dialog box. After this, no matter which location you log in to, your favorites list will follow you. You will find your templates in the Favorites section of the Templates tab.

Additional Information

  • The favorites selection process must be performed by each provider. If the templates are in a practice location not normally accessed by that provider, he or she will have to temporarily be granted access to that location by an admin.
  • To standardize template usage, all providers must be taught to select their templates from the Favorites section.
  • To keep the favorites list manageable, it should include only the few most common templates.
  • To learn more, read Adding clinical note templates to the list of favorites.