March 13, 2019

Have you ever received an insurance card where, when you search for the carrier name in the Add New Carrier page, it does not bring up the correct payer ID? Or worse, the dreaded 06126 (paper only)?

Good news! Henry Schein One has an alternate resource to help you get the right name and payer ID match.

How to:

1. Go to this site:

2. Search by the payer id to find the name as it exists in the Henry Schein One database. Type the payer ID in the search field, and click Search Payors.

3. Go back to Ascend, and type using the name you found in the Payor Search Tool.

Additional Information

  • “Payor” and “payer” are interchangeable spellings of the word meaning “one that pays”.
  • Henry Schein One maintains a database of supported payers. The database is updated regularly, and a list of carriers and each carrier’s details is sent to Dentrix Ascend. Selecting a carrier from the list of supported payers ensures that your practice has up-to-date information for that carrier.
  • Using a supported payer allows you to add attachments to claims (for carriers accepting electronic attachments).