March 6, 2019

Oops! You acquired an image on the wrong patient record, and now you need to switch it over to the correct patient. No problem, Dentrix Ascend has a utility just for this purpose.

How to:

1. Open the Image Navigator page of the patient whose images you want to reassign (Patient > Imaging > Show Image History).

2. Scroll through or filter the available images in the Images tab, and click to select (highlight) the image you want to reassign.

3. Click the options menu (three vertical dots), and select Reassign exam.

4. In the Reassign Exam dialog box, use the to the following patient search box to search for and select the name of the patient to whom you want to move the images. When you’ve located the patient, click Reassign Exam to complete the reassignment.

5. Ascend opens the Image Preview page of the patient to whom the image has been reassigned. From here you can inspect or edit the image, share it, and so forth. The image is deleted from the original patient’s record (or voided if it was older than 120 days).

Additional Information

  • An image cannot be reassigned when it is included on a claim for the original patient.
  • An image cannot be reassigned when its acquisition date falls within the ledger Transaction Locking rules.