Dentrix Ascend comes with a number of recare types predefined, but one size does not fit all. What if, for example, your practice needs to automate scheduling and reminders for, say, scaling and root planing treatments? No problem. You just need to add a custom recare type.

How to:

1. Go to the Recare Setup page (Settings > Recare), and click Create New.

2. In the Create New Recare panel, enter a name for the recare type, and set up the options. When you are done, click Save.

3. Your new recare type is now ready to assign to patients, either through the Recare page or in the Calendar when making an appointment.

Additional Information

  • If you’ve added multiple procedure code options to the recare type, when you make the appointment you can click the X to remove any procedures that won’t apply to this specific appointment.
  • For more information, especially on the setup options, see Adding recare types.