January 2, 2019

Has the back-end staff ever forgotten to add a treatment-planned procedure and asked you to “just add that” when they brought the patient back up front? Or, has a patient ever asked you check with their insurance to see if it would cover a teeth whitening or mouth guard? If you’re more comfortable working in the ledger than the clinical pages, Dentrix Ascend has you covered. You can enter treatment-planned procedures from the ledger.

How to:

  1. Select the patient, and open his or her ledger. Click Procedure (+) to open the Enter Procedure dialog box.
  1. Enter the procedure details, such as the provider and procedure code. To add a treatment-planned procedure, click the Status dropdown, and select Tx Plan.
  1. Enter any additional required information, for example a tooth number and surfaces, and click Save. The treatment-planned procedure will appear in the Unassigned section of the patient’s treatment planner, where it can be assigned to a case and then be scheduled or pre-authorized.

Additional Information

  • The state of the Bill to Insurance switch is determined by the configuration in the procedure code settings.
  • The procedure amount is also calculated automatically.
  • To learn more, read Posting procedures (Ledger).