Disclaimers serve as a warning to patients. Their purpose is to give patients expectations for treatment or service, and a signed disclaimer may provide the practice with valuable protection in certain situations. Dentrix Ascend makes it easy to customize the disclaimer that appears at the bottom of printed dental treatment plans so that it meets the needs of your practice and the advice of your legal counsel.

How to:

  1. If your practice has more than one location, first select the location for which you would like to customize the disclaimer (disclaimers can be different for each location).

  1. Go to your Disclaimers page (Settings > Disclaimers) and select the Treatment Planner tab.

  1. There are two different disclaimers built into Ascend: one for patients with insurance, and one for patients without insurance. Ascend will automatically select the applicable message according to whether the patient has active insurance at the time the treatment plan is printed. Edit the text in either or both of the disclaimer areas.

  1. When you are done editing the text and selecting your options, click Save.

Additional Information

  • Each new paragraph in the disclaimer text automatically becomes a bullet point in the printed dental treatment plan.
  • To print a signature and date line for the patient or guardian below the disclaimer, select the Patient/Guardian check box. To print a signature and date line for the provider or staff below the disclaimer, select the Provider/Staff check box.
  • To not include a disclaimer for either patient type, delete any text in the applicable field.
  • To return any field’s text to the system default, click the corresponding Reset to default link.