Have you ever prepared a treatment plan case, glanced at the billed amount, and thought, “That’s not right!”? There are several possible reasons for a procedure fee not being what you expected, and they all should be investigated. For the sake of expediency, however, Dentrix Ascend allows you to directly override a procedure UCR fee, so you can get on with presenting your treatment plan.

How to:

  1. Check the treatment plan case, and note the procedures whose costs seem inaccurate.

  1. Go to the patient’s Progress Notes, and find those same procedures. (You may find it useful to set the status filter to Tx Plan.)

  1. For each problematic procedure, click to open its Edit Procedure dialog box.

  1. Override the fee by editing the Amount

  1. Whenever you change the amount, a warning icon will let you know the currently configured amount and invite you change your mind before you save your change. You are here to change the amount because you know the configuration is wrong, so ignore the warning. Add a note about your change, and click Save.

  1. Do the same thing for any other inaccurate fee. When you are done, you are ready to go back to the treatment planner.

  1. Make an administrative note to investigate the reason for the incorrect the procedure amounts.

Additional Information

  • Changing the procedure amount in the Edit Procedure dialog box does not update the fee configuration. It is only an override for this instance.
  • You cannot manually override a fee if you have already generated a pre-authorization for a procedure.
  • If the insurance and patient estimates seem wrong in your presentation, note that correcting the fee amount does not fix configuration problems in the coverage table.
  • For troubleshooting tips, read the Amount notes under step 2 of Posting procedures (Ledger).