A user asks, “I need to remove a carrier but cannot because it’s attached to a provider.  But I don’t know which provider.  How am I able to list my carriers and their associated providers?” Maybe you also have encountered this message and wondered what to do about it:

No worries! Dentrix Ascend has a pre-built report with the express purpose of showing all the providers associated with any given insurance carrier. And yes, one of the things you can do with this report is figure out who is still attached to a carrier that you would like to delete.

To identify providers attached to an insurance carrier:

  1. Click the Home down arrow, and select Power Reporting. Select the Insurance category and then click the Providers contracted with Insurance Carriers icon to open the report. By default this lists all the carriers defined in your system.

  1. Filter the report to just include the carrier you are interested in. To start, click the Filter icon. Click the Insurance Carrier field, and drag it into the filter area.

  1. In the Filter on Insurance Carrier dialog box, scroll or search to find the carrier name. When you see it, double-click the name to add it to the Currently Included side of the dialog box. Click OK.

  1. The report now shows just your filtered information. Write down or export the list of providers associated with your target carrier.
  2. To remove the association of a provider with a carrier, go to Settings > User Accounts, and locate the provider in the accounts list. Click the provider to open the User Account Information page. Click the Fees tab.
  3. Expand the carrier name list according to the first letter of the name of the carrier. Scroll to find the carrier name, and uncheck it. Click Save.

  1. Repeat for each provider on the filtered report, and you will be able to get by the “contracted providers” error message.

Additional Information

  • This report also includes locations which are set up as billing providers.
  • Click the report More actions button to export the report as a .pdf or .xlsx file.