Seems like we’re always fiddling with patient claims. We create them, send them, resend them, print them, reprint them, and sometimes delete them and start over. One thing we don’t need is to have to hunt them down before we can send, print, or anything else. So Dentrix Ascend puts all of a patient’s claims together in one place.

To see the claims for a specific patient:

  1. Select the patient, and then choose Insurance Claims from the Patient dropdown.

The Insurance Claims page lists all of this patient’s insurance claims. They are organized by date of service, with the most recent at the top.

  1. Click on a claim to open the Claim Detail window for that claim.

Here you can view all the information for this claim, organized into several tabs. As needed, you can add notes and make changes. Then, submit or resubmit the claim, print or reprint the claim, split the claim, or delete the claim.

Additional Information

  • On the Insurance Claims page, a paperclip icon means that claim has at least one attachment.
  • Any notes you see in the Insurance Claims page come from the Status/Notes tab of the Claim Detail window.
  • To learn more, read Tracking sent claims.