Sometimes clinical notes are not entered for whatever reason (mainly a super busy provider) and, as you probably know, that can come back to haunt you! To prevent missing clinical notes, you may need to assign someone to monitor for this before the patient heads out the door. Fortunately, Dentrix Ascend makes a missing clinical note easy to see.

To check for missing clinical notes:

  1. Make sure you are using the digital routing panel to mark patient progress through the workflow.

  1. When you send the patient back up front for checkout, the person getting the patient ready for follow-up or rescheduling will set the patient appointment status to Complete.

  1. In the completed patient card you can read the clinical notes associated with this visit. If no clinical note has been entered, you will see the message, “No clinical notes entered”. This is your clue that you are missing a clinical note for today’s visit.

  1. Clinical notes can be added from any of the clinical pages. Notify the provider of the missing clinical note according to your office’s protocol.

Additional Information

  • Setting the appointment status to Complete will trigger the recare Schedule Appointment pop-up box, which you can Skip if the recare is too far out (for example, an FMX coming due in three years).