You work hard to improve the oral health of your perio patients, and it is nice to see their progress between visits. An optional feature of Dentrix Ascend makes it really easy to see patient progress and to note just the differences in a new perio exam.

To see the values from the previous exam when creating a new exam:

  1. Locate the patient record and navigate to the Perio chart. Click New Perio Exam.
  2. Select the scripting options in the New Perio Exam dialog box, and click Start Exam.
  3. Make sure the Show prev. exam values option is toggled On. If the patient has a previous perio exam, the measurements (pocket depth, gingival margin, clinical attachment level, furcation grade, bone loss, and mobility) from that exam appear in light gray text.

  1. Enter any changed values where they occur, and click Finish Exam. Select one of the following:
    • Click Save Exam with the Previous Values – save the new exam and include the measurements from the previous exam where you have not entered new measurements.
    • Click Save Only New Values – save the new exam without any of the measurements from the previous exam, only the new measurements taken today.

Additional Information

  • Bleeding and suppuration indicators in the last exam will not show in the new exam.
  • The ADA recommends a full exam if more than a year has elapsed since the last exam. To start your new exam as a blank page, toggle the Show prev. exam values option to Off.