Dentrix Ascend gives you several billing statement options: printing paper statements, using the Print & Mail for Me fulfillment service, and sending eStatements. Sending eStatements is cost-effective for you and convenient for your patients, and you can send eStatements as often as you like. If you want to take advantage of eStatements, we recommend that you send them frequently to keep your cash flow healthy. Afraid of offending your patients by sending too many statements? No worries! Dentrix Ascend allows you to send eStatements only to patients who haven’t received a statement within a specified period. Let’s learn how it works.  

How It Works 

In this example, let’s say that you would like to send eStatements every week.  

  1. To generate a new batch of billing statements, from the Home menu, select Billing Statements.  
  1. The Generate Billing Statements dialog box appears. Select the Only generate statement if not billed since check box. Set the date to one month before today’s date. Click Generate.  

Dentrix Ascend generates a list of patients with an outstanding balance who have not received a statement since the date that you selected.  

  1. Use the Actions menu to send the eStatements to this select group of patients. Click Actions, point to Send eStatement only, and then click Send.  

Repeat these steps weekly to ensure that your patients receive timely statements. Remember to always select the Only generate statement if not billed since check box and to set the date to one month before today’s date. This will ensure that no patient will get more than one statement every 30 days. 

Additional Information