Are you new to Dentrix Ascend? Learning new dental software doesn’t have to be frustrating. Let us help you! Dentrix Ascend provides resources to help you learn so you can confidently perform your job tasks. Best of all, the Dentrix Ascend Resource Center is available online, so you can access it inside or outside of the office. By reading the articles and watching the instructional videos, you’ll become a pro user in no time.

How to:

  1. Start by launching the Dentrix Ascend Resource Center.
  1. Select Resources for New Users to begin exploring the learning resources created specifically for new users of Dentrix Ascend.

There are four areas for you to begin with:

  • Start Here
  • Take a Tour
  • List of Topics for New Users
  • Common Workflows
  1. Click Start Here to watch a Dentrix Ascend overview video, find out what’s next for you as a new user, view the system requirements (what equipment you should be working on), and find out how to contact Support—because you’re going to want to do that when you first start!
  1. Next, click Take a Tour to watch a series of short overview videos that will help you learn your way around Dentrix Ascend. You won’t want to miss out on these!
  1. Click List of Topics for New Users to browse topics related to patients, scheduling, clinical tasks, insurance, reports, and settings.

If you have a question, you can scroll down the page and click the Submit a request link so that a support representative can help you.

  1. Click Common Workflows to read about all the tasks that you need to perform as part of your new workflow in Dentrix Ascend.

Click the workflow you want to learn about. Then, either expand an individual task, or click Expand Section to view all the tasks in a section.  Here is an example:

Additional Information

  • You do not need to sign in to view content.
  • To watch short instructional videos for clinical, patient information, insurance, financial and scheduling related tasks, click Courses on the main Resource Center page.