November 27, 2019

Have you ever wished your online patient forms were a little more attractive? Do you feel the need to emphasize certain text? How would you like something like this…

…to look something like this?

There is some limited formatting you can apply to your online patient consent forms. All you need to do is add something called “markdown syntax”. Markdown is a “language” that allows you to enrich otherwise plain text.

How to:

1. Go to the Patient Forms page (under Settings), and open the consent form you want to modify. Note that you cannot change the text formatting of the questionnaires, only consent forms and treatment consent messages.

2. Add markdown syntax to your existing text and save your changes.

At this point you might be wondering how you’re supposed to know what markdown syntax is. Well, unless you were a programmer or a web designer, you probably wouldn’t. But this is easy stuff which, as you can see in the example, just means adding a few special characters in front of or around your existing text.

Here is a summary of common markdown characters:

Additional Information

  • For more markdown elements, visit or search online for “markdown syntax”.
  • The patient forms portal recognizes only a limited set of markdown syntax.
  • The patient forms portal does not recognize HTML.
  • Markdown does not affect the consent form when you present it in Dentrix Ascend or print it, so your form will include the markdown characters but no formatting in those cases. Markdown affects only the online consent forms.