May 29, 2019

Dentrix Ascend releases a new software update every few weeks. When that happens, many of the new features are highlighted with a pop-up announcement, like this:

There are other announcement types, for example maintenance alerts and surveys. Now, you can work around an announcement by clicking elsewhere on the page. If you’ve done that, however, the announcement will pop up again the next time that page loads. So here’s how you properly dismiss an announcement so that it doesn’t keep popping up again and again.

Do any of the following:

1. Click the X to the right or in the upper-right corner of the announcement.

2. Click an action or acknowledgement button.

3. Click a dismissal link.

Additional Information

  • The default nature of an announcement is to never display again once you have seen and dismissed it.
  • New feature announcements—particularly those with links to release notes—can be read again in the Guide Center, which you open by clicking the cloud icon in the lower left corner of Dentrix Ascend.
  • New feature announcements are typically available for 3–4 weeks, after which the only permanent source of information about what has changed are the release notes, located in the Product News and Updates section of the Resource Center.
  • There is no “opt out” setting in Dentrix Ascend for pop-up announcements.