December 5, 2018

Staying on top of patient eligibility is a big job, and Dentrix Ascend would like to make the process for checking eligibility as efficient as possible. The quickest way to verify insurance eligibility is from the Insurance Eligibility page. Once a carrier website is entered, you can click the carrier name while in the eligibility page; it will open a new tab on the insurance carrier website, where you can sign in and confirm the patient eligibility without leaving your verification workflow.

How to:                           

  1. Get the insurance carrier’s website URL. This is the text in your browser’s navigation bar after the “http://” or the “https://”, for example “”. After making sure you are on the correct site, write it down. Or you can highlight it with your cursor and copy it.

  1. Locate the carrier record in Dentrix Ascend. Go to Home > Carriers. In the Insurance Carriers page, search for the carrier by typing the name.

  1. Select the carrier. You will see a list of all the group plans associated with that carrier. Select any of them. Adding the carrier’s website affects all the plans.

  1. In the Edit Carrier page that opens, type or paste the URL into the Website field, and click Save.

Later, any time you are in the Insurance Eligibility page and need to verify a patient’s eligibility by visiting the carrier’s website, note that the carrier name has become a hyperlink. Click the carrier name to open the carrier’s website in a new tab.

Additional Information

  • The carrier’s URL might have more text after the root, for example “…/web/public/login/…” and so forth. Ignore it. You only need the section beginning after the “http://” and ending with “.com”.
  • Having links to carrier websites is especially useful for insurance carriers that do not support automated eligibilities.
  • To learn more, watch Checking Insurance Eligibility in the Resource Center.