Dentrix Ascend video courses are available in the Resource Center. This is an exciting expansion of the knowledgebase articles and how-to topics already available online, and the entire library is freely available to every member of your practice.

Study online and on-demand, whenever it’s convenient for you. You’ll be able to be productive sooner because you don’t have to wait for another team member to have free time to train you.

How to:

  1. From any page in Dentrix Ascend click the help question mark (?), and from the menu select Search Help.

  1. From the Resource Center home page, click Courses.

  1. Review the course list, and read the descriptions to identify your role or area of interest. Click a course name to open a list of topics under that section.

  1. Most of the topics show how to perform a common task. Click a topic name that describes what you are trying to accomplish or would like to know.

  1. Review the topic information. The introductory paragraph provides some context for what you are learning, and the video demonstrates the task. The additional information that follows the video provides extra tips and can often link you to additional resources.

Additional Information

  • No additional login is required to access the online learning content.
  • The topics are listed in a suggested order of learning if you wish to immerse yourself in the subject.
  • If a topic doesn’t answer your questions, open a request ticket by clicking the “Submit a request” link near the bottom of the page. Here, you can address your questions directly to Dentrix Ascend Support.
  • Most articles are open to comment, and we welcome your feedback, which helps us to improve the quality of content in the Resource Center.